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Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Gondar (The Bounty Hunter)

Gondar - Bounty Hunter Pictures, Images and Photos

Gondar is a Draenei that is often called upon for his superior skills. Not much is known about his past, but his capabilities are extraordinary. Some believe he learned from a ninja clan while others say he was born with his amazing abilities. He is able to throw shurikens with extreme accuracy and has the strength to strike down any foe with his two swift blades. His agility is matched by none, and his stealth is inferior only to few. He is interested in the conflict for money alone, and is promised a large reward.

This hero equipped with critical skills, he can also slow for a few seconds if you hit the ball, it makes it even easier to kill his target.
He can 'mark' with the track enemy, reducing armor, detect the position of targets wherever, and give her MS in the area surrounding the target, so it will not be difficult to reach. He will never remove his quarry, he wanted something very special with the killing, namely GOLD BONUS! Yes .. she HUNTING to get a lot of money.

Name: Gondar
Affiliation: AGI Neutral
Strength: 17 + 1.8
Agility : 21 + 3
Intelligence: 16 + 1.4
HP: 473
HP Regen : 0.76
Mana: 208
Mana Regen : 0.65
Damage: 45 - 59
Armor: 4
Movespeed: 315
Range: 128 (melee)
Attack Speed : 1.34
Missile Speed: Instant
Sight Range: 1800/1000

Plus Minus
Superiority :
1. very good MS, and still can grow if in area effect of his ultimate
2. can wind walk, for running away or attack the opponent
3. not so needed items, to be killed in the early game
4. agility is a very good growth
5. counter for invisible hero's
Weakness :
1. HP and its a bit of growth STR
2. very bad INT
3. not have skill for creeping

1. Shuriken Toss

The Bounty Hunter throws a shuriken at a target unit, dealing damage.
Level 1 - 100 damage.
Level 2 - 200 damage.
Level 3 - 250 damage.
Level 4 - 325 damage.
Casting Range : 650
Mana Cost: 90/115/135/155
Cooldown: 10Shuriken Toss is a skill nuke, good for harrass or last hit dying enemy and you can not reach it again, because of its casting range far (650). Can be seen that the additional Damage per level varies, which is then added 100 and the last 50 plus 75. Means at level 3 (Gondar) you already have a nuke with 200 damage, that damage is very high tables for second-level spell.

2. Jinada

Passively adds a critical strike and maim to Bounty Hunter's next attack, has a cooldown. Slow lasts for 3 seconds.
Level 1 - 1.4x critical multiplier, 25% movement and attack speed slow
Level 2 - 1.6x critical multiplier, 25% movement and attack speed slow
Level 3 - 1.8x critical multiplier, 25% movement and attack speed slow
Level 4 - 2.0x critical multiplier, 25% movement and attack speed slow
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: 21/16/11/6
This skill makes Gondar very dangerous, especially when he's chasing the enemy. Exposed to the enemy who was beaten 'Maim' is slow 25% MS and attack speed. Because this skill giving critical strike, it means you no longer need to buy crytalis, so you can focus more on other DPS items.

3. Wind Walk

Turns invisible for a period of time. Deals bonus backstab damage. Transition time decreases per level.
Level 1 - 30 backstab damage, lasts 15 seconds.
Level 2 - 60 backstab damage, lasts 20 seconds.
Level 3 - 90 backstab damage, lasts 25 seconds.
Level 4 - 120 backstab damage, lasts 30 seconds.
Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown: 15
Wind Walk is a skill that makes you 'invisible', making you one of the most feared ganker in early-mid game. But be careful, because the wards, gem or dust will make you visible. Besides for attack from behind, use also to escape.

4. Track

Tracks an enemy hero for 30 seconds or until it dies. Allied units near the tracked target gain 20% movement speed increase. If the target dies, Bounty Hunter gets bonus gold.
Level 1 - 75 extra gold, reduces target's armor by 1.
Level 2 - 150 extra gold, reduces target's armor by 3.
Level 3 - 225 extra gold, reduces target's armor by 5.
Casting range: 750/950/1150
Area of effect: 800
Mana Cost: 70/60/50
Cooldown: 10/7/5
Track is a skill that very, very good, from this skill why Gondar is often chosen to counter invisible hero's like rikimaru, weaver, clinks, etc..
Tracks give you and your friends very much the effect of MS on the target area (800). This skill reduces the and armor targets, although not as much as his true sight slardar (Amplify). Do not forget also that this skill gives you a lot of bonus gold if you dead tracks the target during its duration, so no matter who last hit, because you can still get gold bonus.

Dark Terror (The Faceless Void)

faceless void Pictures, Images and Photos

They say he was once human, but his background is shrouded in darkness, even to himself. What we know is that he was thrown into the Void between worlds and has emerged with the power of manipulating time. He can freeze his enemies in time and avoid hits by traveling a split-second back in time, right before receiving the blow. He can briefly rip apart the fabric of space-time to freeze both allies and opponents around him, yet remain free himself to act. It is rumored that he can instantly strike any man in a legion of soldiers, but nobody sees him move...

“Considered as the most powerful DPS Hero in over-all game usefulness and late game capabilities. Having an escape mechanism and an AoE disable, he can kill a hero and escape without taking any damage.” (

Name: Darkterror
Affiliation: AGI Neutral
Strength: 23 + 1.4
Agility*: 21 + 2.65
Intelligence: 15 + 1.5
Damage: 58 - 64
Armor: 4
HP: 587 (HP Regen: 0.76)
Mana: 195 (Mana Regen: 0.61)
Move speed: 300
Range: 128 (melee)
Attack Time: 1.7 (+21%)
Missile Speed: Instant
Sight Range: 1800/800

Plus Minus
Superiority :
1. can permanent bash
2. the only hero that can disable ALL units (friend and opponent), ultimate most 'ULTIMATE'
3. unstoppable in late game
4. very high STR and AGI stats
5. great one on one hero
Weakness :
1. weak in early game
2. very long time base attack
3. difficult for creeping
4. one on one hero, not very helpful in the war

1. Time Walk

Quickly moves to a target location and slows the movement and attack of all units within 300 AOE at the end of its path for 3 seconds.
Level 1 - 700 cast range. 25% slow.
Level 2 - 900 cast range. 30% slow.
Level 3 - 1100 cast range. 35% slow.
Level 4 - 1300 cast range. 40% slow.
Mana Cost: 120
Cool down: 19/17/15/13 seconds
Faceless Void is invulnerable while moving using Time Walk.he 'jump' with a speed of 2600 units. this skill can be used to run away, chasing den give effect to slow the opponent.

2. Backtrack

Whenever damage is received, Faceless Void moves a moment back in time to try to dodge that damage. Can backtrack both physical and mystical attacks.
Level 1 - 10% chance.
Level 2 - 15% chance.
Level 3 - 20% chance.
Level 4 - 25% chance.
This skill stack with evation items like butterfly / talisman of evation.

3. Time Lock

Gives a chance that an attack will do bonus damage and lock a unit in time. 1 sec stun on hero, 2 sec stun on creep
Level 1: 10% chance, 40 bonus damage
Level 2: 15% chance, 50 bonus damage
Level 3: 20% chance, 60 bonus damage
Level 4: 25% chance, 70 bonus damage
Like others bash skill, bash + lock = mini stun. the stun not be block by spell immunity, and not stack with cranium bash item.

4. Chronosphere

Faceless Void creates a rip in spacetime causing all units in that area to become trapped for its duration. Faceless Void has a mysterious connection with spacetime that causes him to be unaffected by the sphere. Casting range increases per level.
Level 1 - 3 seconds.
Level 2 - 4 seconds.
Level 3 - 5 seconds.
Cooldown: 120/110/100

with Scepter :
Level 1 - 4 seconds.
Level 2 - 5 seconds.
Level 3 - 6 seconds.
Cooldown: 75/75/75
Mana cost : 150/175/200
Casting Range : 500/550/600
AoE : 425
Stop all activity in the areas effect, give him change to kill the opponent.

Ulfsaar (The Ursa Warrior)

Ulfsaar The Ursa Warrior Pictures, Images and Photos

Before the invasion of the Scourge, a race of intelligent bears called furbolgs cultivated a quiet spiritual society deep in the heart of Azshara. With most of their kind murdered and corrupted by the Undead, the normally isolated furbolgs were forced to flee to the Sentinel for protection. In return, the furbolgs have sent their mightiest Ursa Warrior into battle on the Sentinel behalf. Enraged by the defilement of his people's sacred land, Ulfsaar is able to channel his fury into a series of extremely quick and brutal swipes, using his razor-sharp claws to overpower his foes and literally tear them apart.

First name fuzzy wuzzy, for some reason the name was changed to ulfsaar. Hero is multi-function, in addition to the types of agility that is DPS, he also as a Tanker, because the only agility hero who was very large HP.
What should be done only one Ursa in battle, attacking as much as possible, be advised DPS hero.
On the line, Ursa would be very difficult, but he has skills that can control the situation is Earthshock. Most people playing in the woods when wearing Ursa.

Name: Ulfsaar
Affiliation: Neutral
Strength: 23 + 2.9
Agility*: 18 + 2.1
Intelligence: 16 + 1.5
Damage: 45 – 49
Armor: 4.5
HP: 587
Mana: 208
Movespeed: 310
Range: 100 (melee)
Attack Time: 1.44 (+18%)

Plus Minus
Superiority :
1. DPS hero with big HP and armor
2. good movement speed
3. fastest IAS skill (+400% attack speed)
4. did not really need an addition to the damage item
Weakness :
1. very close attack range
2. forced to play in the woods (because it is difficult to creeping)

1. Earth Shock

Slams the ground, dealing damage to and slowing the movement speed of nearby enemy land units. 4 seconds duration. 7 seconds cool down. 75 Mana cost. 365 AoE.
Level 1 70 damage, 25% slow
Level 2 120 damage, 35% slow
Level 3 170 damage, 45% slow
Level 4 220 damage, 55% slow
The slow effects can not be combated with purge, necessarily slow and damage can be blocked with linken's sphere and magic immunity. Damage reduced opponents spell resistance.
Its use as Thuderclap Pandaren, with small areas that, Mana cost is a bit, steady with very few who Ursa INT. Quite hard to wear out well, because the opponent would know Ursa will use this skill when approaching, and the opponent must move away. Usually people buy a dagger (blink) to simplify.

2. Overpower

Sends Ulfsaar into a rage until he can expend his energy on a target. 400% increased attack speed. Last up to 15 seconds or when his attack limit is reached.
Level 1 - 400% increased attack speed for 3 attacks
Level 2 - 400% increased attack speed for 4 attacks
Level 3 - 400% increased attack speed for 5 attacks
Level 4 - 400% increased attack speed for 6 attacks
Mana Cost: 45/55/65/75
Cool down: 10 seconds
There is a change from this skill, and seems to be increasingly fierce. First 400% attack speed was obtained when overpower already level 4, but now at level one else can. The difference is that now the number of attacks is limited for each level.

3. Fury Swipes

Each attack opens the wound deeper in the target, causing subsequent attacks to deal increased damage. 3 seconds duration.
Level 1 6 bonus damage per attack
Level 2 12 bonus damage per attack
Level 3 18 bonus damage per attack
Level 4 24 bonus damage per attackOpponent who die with this skill will be exposed to the direct effects disappear as the balloon exploded without leaving the body. :D

4. Enrage

When activated, greatly increases Ulfsaar's damage based on his current life. 15 seconds duration. 25 seconds cool down.
Level 1 4% of Ulfsaar's current life is dealt in damage
Level 2 5% of Ulfsaar's current life is dealt in damage
Level 3 6% of Ulfsaar's current life is dealt in damage
can not be stopped by the purge, can not stop a channeling spell too, it means you can wear boots of travel before then activate this skill without stopping your teleport process.

Razor (The Lightning Revenant)

razor Pictures, Images and Photos

Razor is lightning incarnate. It is a living being, capable only of unleashing it's tremendous electrical power to anything and everything nearby. The only indication of sentience from it is its ability to control its surges, which never seems to actually strike any it would call friend. Like its namesake, it cuts to the bone, with speed and accuracy, sometimes jumping from one thing to another. Its unnatural form gives it speed, and a thirst for blood. It is a force to be reckoned with, and only the strong dare face it.

Razor is a hero who has the speed weapons (missile) a very fast, meaning the weapon (his storm) is very fast on target, even the second-fastest in DotA, after a bullet from Sharpeye Kardel.
Razor including the hero that is not easily killed, or in other words you have to pay a lot of HP to be able to kill him, the same defense and the attacker was nice and close to 'perfect'.

Name: Razor
Affiliation: Agility (Neutral )
Strength: 17 + 1.7
Agility*: 22 + 2.0
Intelligence: 14 + 1.8
Damage: 45 - 47
Armor: 2.1
HP: 473
Mana: 182
Move speed: 295
Range: 550 (ranged)
Attack Time: 1.39 (+22%)

Plus Minus
Superiority :
1. easy for creeping
2. killer hero with great defense in late game
3. very good attack speed
4. easy for wear his skills more than other DPS hero
1. very little HP in early game
2. there is a break attack

1. Plasma Field

Razor release a wave energetic plasma which grows in power as it extends outwards. Deals damage to units both on expansion and on contraction. The further the plasma is from razor the more energy it has.
Level 1 Min 80, max 140 damage.
Level 2 Min 120, Max 210 damage.
Level 3 Min 160, Max 280 damage.
Level 4 Min 200, Max 350 damage.
One of the new skills from Razor, plus your damage skills to razor, who used to be a skill frenzy to increase attack speed. This skill sort out the plasma in the soil surface and spread around the razor away, and farther away from the razor's plasma, damage that will be accepted who will be the bigger hit.

2.Static Link

Taps into the energy of a target hero, creating a charged link between Razor and his foe. As long as this link is maintained. Razor will continue to steal damage from the target and adds it to his own. Drains up to 10 seconds. Bonus Lasts 13 seconds after that.
Level 1 5 attack damage/ second.
Level 2 10 attack damage/ second.
Level 3 15 attack damage/ second.
Level 4 20 attack damage/ second.Replacement of chain lighting, if lighting is used to chain her skill damage, this time this skill is similar with the skill 'ONE' of syllabear, but who is, damage setarakan antecedent, I think more suited practically 'stolen'. So the hero who hit this skill attack damage would be reduced little by little, and attack the body damagenya into razor.

3. Unstable Current

Razor’s very body is a constantly shifting miasma of dark energy. This unnatural state allows him to move with supernatural speed, and any foe foolish enaugh to launch a direct magical assault him will have their boldness rewarded with a shock of purging elecrity.
Level 1 3% Movement speed. 40 damage
Level 2 6% Movement speed. 60 damage
Level 3 9% Movement speed. 80 damage
Level 4 12% Movement speed. 100 damage
Purge duration: 0.3/0.6/0.9/1.2 second
Enemies (heroes) who attacked the razor with spell, will be exposed to damage + purge. But for the effects of attacks 'drop' will not be affected by purge. This skill is only targeted to counter the spell, meaning that the enemy klo click to you, he will be exposed to purge, but if not, he would not be affected.

4. Eye of the Storm

The lightning Revenant calls upon a powerful storm of crackling energy. Which strikes weakened enemies with deadly botls of lightning. The storm is charged with razor malevolent will, and will seek out only the most injured targets for its armor shattering blasts.
Level 1 lasts 20 seconds. 37.5 damage per strike. O.85 seconds per strike.Cooldown 80
Level 2 lasts 25 seconds. 50 damage per strike. O.75 seconds per strike. Cooldown 70
Level 3 lasts 30 seconds. 62.5 damage per strike. O.6 seconds per strike. Cooldown 60
Mana cost : 100/150/200
Very terrible skill, because this skill passively only opponent who attacked him at least HP. That means the effective input into this skill to finish off opponents who've almost died. The difference with storm seeker, this skill must be enabled and have a duration, and Mana needed. But Strom seeker to attack all opponents who were near the razor with duration of 1 or 1.5 seconds per attack with damage go far. For this new skill, only attacking one enemy of his who lived a little HP, with duration tp who is much faster, but who is far less damage. I am sure, this skill is who shifts the frenzy.

Shendelzare Silkwood (The Vengeful Spirit)

Vengeful Spirit Pictures, Images and Photos

Once a mighty warden and sister of Mortred, the maniacal laughter of her sibling and the chakram of hers covered in her own just drawn blood is a sight that even today still haunts Shendelzare. Hearing the laments of her loyal daughter, Elune decided to not forsake her, and she graced her with a new body along with the ability to harness powers from the nether-world and a fighting spirit only owned by those who have met death itself. Shendelzare now leads the Sentinel's army, fearless of what could come at her, an avatar of the dreadful emotions within the soul of her former self.

Vengeful Spirit are very great ganker hero with spell magic missile and her nether swap, venge also a support hero with her wave of terror and command aura. Because she are agility hero and have a goods skill, so her HP and mana is little. and she are one of two hero who can't wear a kelen's dagger.

Affiliation: Sentinel
Damage: 34 - 48 Armor: 3.1
Strength: 16 + 1.8
Agility*: 22 + 2.35
Intelligence: 15 + 1.75
HP: 454
Mana: 195
Range: 400 (ranged)
Attack Time: 1.45 (+22% IAS)
Movespeed: 295

Plus Minus
Superiority  :
1. ones of best gankers hero
2. long distance stunner hero with big damage
3. her ultimate very useful for killing enemies who try to escape
4. can reduce enemies armor and damage from long distance
5. small and subtle bodies make it difficult to look at war
1. little HP so easy to kill
2. if miscalculate her ultimate could be a disaster for her or her allies
3. often the main target for the hero who has instant kill
4. to close range attack
5. can't wear kelen's dagger

1. Magic Missile

A magic missile is thrown at an enemy unit, causing damage. Casting range 500,cooldown 10 seconds, durations 1.75 seconds.
Level 1 Deals 100 damage and Stun . mana cost 95
Level 2 Deals 175 damage and Stun. Mana cost 110
Level 3 Deals 250 damage and Stun. Mana cost 125
Level 4 Deals 325 damage and Stun. Mana cost 140
Besides could disable the enemy, can also for kill. Unfortunately, this skill can be blocked by linken's sphere. The damage can reduce resistance by magic items such as hood of Defiance, could also be blocked by magic immune.

2. Wave of Terror

Shendelzare lets loose a wicked cry, terrorizing nearby enemy units. Their armor and damage are reduced. Mana cost 40. Cool down 15. Duration 20 seconds.
Level 1 Reduces base armor by 2 and damage by 5%
Level 2 Reduces base armor by 3 and damage by 10%
Level 3 Reduces base armor by 4 and damage by 15%
Level 4 Reduces base armor by 5 and damage by 20%
This skill can open the folder in the area that was passed this skill effect, so can see the enemy in the fog of war. 1400 range could reach as far in front of you. Fortunately no one who can spell and item block this skill, including a spell imunity.

3. Command Aura

Increases nearby units damage. 450 range
Level 1 12% bonus damage
Level 2 20% bonus damage
Level 3 28% bonus damage
Level 4 36% bonus damage

4. Nether Swap

Instantaneously swaps positions with a target Hero.Cool down 45 seconds.
Level 1 Instant Position Swap and Mini stun.Casting range 600. Mana cost 100
Level 2 Instant Position Swap and Mini stun.Casting range 900. Mana cost 150
Level 3 Instant Position Swap and Mini stun.Casting range1200. Mana cost 200
Great skill, impervious to the magic immunity, team mate can also swap. Even linken's sphere also can not block this skill, except this mini stun. Skill panda brewmaster can prevent home break away more quickly than the panda. This skill can also fail Bharatum nether strike

Traxex (The Drow Ranger)


Traxex was a skilled archer in her oppressive underground homeland, the Underdark, until she grew sick of her kin's evil ways and fled to the surface world. As a part of her resolution, she joined the Sentinel, bringing her excellent marksmanship to the fray. Some of her abilities include stripping magical beings of their voices, and enchanting her arrows with an icy cold. While such powers are valuable, her true origin will never cease to linger around in the judging eyes of others.

Traxex? your think, that traxex heroes like what? what should be built so that he became a hero that horrible?
God player? high mana? high movement speed? high attack speed? high armor and HP? all wrong... then, how with the expensive items? shrewd. because most of this cool girl needed more than anything is the big Attack Damage and a HUNTER SOUL, to complement her skill.
Traxex are the carry hero, and not usually carry hero. because she are DPS hero with hunting technique not same with others hero. she kill you with 'respectful' aka torture you until you die slowly.
Distance vision was very much, her arrows that shone brightly in 1800 gave him visibility as far as the area in daylight and at night in 1700, so she included heroes 'spies' as bs dr to see a great distance from you, even where you can't see her.
She also includes the heroes 'silencers' the most hated of all heroes.
One thing to keep you aware of this hero in the late game, if you become a target arrownya frost, running is .. let's run! (If you want, if it surrendered so no need :P), it only can you do, you could only see traxex continued to chase you, as if enjoying the approaching prey (you), forget all your plans, hope there is help, but not too hope there's no tomorrow for you.

Name: Traxex
Affiliation: Agility ( Neutral )
Strength: 17 + 1.9
Agility*: 22 + 1.9
Intelligence: 15 + 1.4
Damage: 40 - 51
Armor: 2.1
HP: 473
Mana: 195
Movespeed: 300
Range: 600 (ranged)
Attack Time:1.39 (+22%)

Plus Minus
Superiority :
1. very good base stats agility
2. free slower ability
3. biggest distance vision, 1800 in day and 1700 in night
4. very good attack range
5. silencer
Weakness :
1. little HP and armor
2. passive ultimate skill
3. often the first target of the opponents at the war
4. can't wear items with orb effect

1. Frost Arrow

Induces a freezing effect to the hero's attacks. Each attack slows the enemy's movement and attack rates. Duration : 1.5 seconds on Heroes (7 on creeps).
Level 1 Slows attack speed by 5% and movement speed by 10%
Level 2 Slows attack speed by 10% and movement speed by 20%
Level 3 Slows attack speed by 15% and movement speed by 30%
Level 4 Slows attack speed by 20% and movement speed by 40%
Mana Cost : 12
Cooldown : 0
Every make this skill, it means you make orb effect, so if you buy orb effect items like skadi, desolator, sange yasha, etc. the orb effect will not go out.

2. Silence

Stops all enemies in a target area from casting spells. Casting Range : 900. Area of effect : 275
Level 1 3 seconds
Level 2 4 seconds
Level 3 5 seconds
Level 4 6 seconds
Mana cost : 90
Cooldown : 15Just silent the enemy skill, not silent to their items

3. True Shot Aura

An aura that gives friendly nearby units bonus damage to their ranged attacks. Area of effect : 900
Level 1 Increases base ranged damage by 7%
Level 2 Increases base ranged damage by 14%
Level 3 Increases base ranged damage by 21%
Level 4 Increases base ranged damage by 28%
Additional damage calculated only from the 'base damage' and the bonus stats, so item2 adder such damage broadsword, etc. do not count.

4. Marksmanship

The Ranger's accuracy has increased.
Level 1 add 15 agility
Level 2 add 30 agility
Level 3 add 45 agility

Medusa (The Gorgon)


An insidious creature that dwelled for eons in the underwater prisons of Nazjatar, the Gorgon was unwittingly freed during the war waged between King Arthas’s Scourge and the Naga on the icy shores of Northrend. Plagued by undeath in the aftermath, Medusa welcomed the blessing of immortality. Gifted with a keen sense of archery and affinity to magic at birth, she has honed her skills over the ages – striking multiple foes with a single volley of arrows, debilitating them with jolts of lightning, and even conjuring a protective barrier of mana. Like her namesake, Medusa instills paralyzing fear into all that dare cross her path.

Medusa was not a hero who should be chosen by newbie in DotA. It takes 'skill' to use this hero with the right. Without the skill / experience, you will find it hard to build this hero to get the real potential.
Medusa has additional decent stats per level, she needs all the stat entirely, her STR stat is a little, but for HP, stats INT is also important. And more much her stats so more 'finished' this hero, it means raising LEVELS VERY IMPORTANT.
Largely (75%) her skill are area skill, and that makes this hero was created for support in team battle. without medusa, her allies will difficult to defeat an opponent. and conversely, if the medusa alone, she would find it difficult to kill because he did not have the skills to confront an opponent 1 by 1.

Name: Medusa
Affiliation: Neutral
Strength: 14 + 1.85
Agility*: 20 + 2.5
Intelligence: 19 + 1.85
Damage: 44 - 50
Armor: 1.8
HP: 416 HP Regen: 0.67
Mana: 247 Mana Regen: 0.77
Movespeed: 300
Range: 600 (ranged)
Attack Time: 1.42 (+20%)
Missile Speed: 1200
Sight Range: 1800 (day) / 800 (night)

Plus Minus
Superiority :
1. all the extra stats profitable, even INT also adds additional resistance
2. very easy for creeping with her split shot + mystic snake
3. good pusher
4. HP is not just what makes 'bold', but also Mana.
Weakness :
1. STR per level extra is effort
2. very long duration of attack animation, so difficult for last hit
3. very weak if not have Mana
4. difficult for solo kill.

1. Split Shot

Medusa magically splits her shot into four arrows. These arrows deal a lower percent of her normal damage.
Level 1 – 4 arrows,each 45% damage
Level 2 - 4 arrows,each 55% damage
Level 3 - 4 arrows,each 65% damage
Level 4 - 4 arrows,each 75% damage
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Activated this skill will not thwart channeling spell. Critical strike , bash,slow, etc. will only by one target. Three other arrows will point to the nearest enemy target. very efficient for creeping. this skill can attack to all direction, to enemy in the your range attack.

2. Mystic Snake

A mystic snake made of energy jumps from target to target dealing damage and stealing some energy. After it reaches its last target, it jumps back to Medusa to replenish it with mana. The snake deals more damage and steals more mana per jump. The snake's power is increased by 20% each jump.
Level 1 - 80 base damage, 20 base mana. 3 jumps.
Level 2 - 120 base damage, 30 base mana. 4 jumps.
Level 3 - 160 base damage, 40 base mana. 5 jumps.
Level 4 - 200 base damage, 50 base mana. 6 jumps.
Every time it steals mana (only happens on units with mana), the amount it steals is increased by 20% of its base value. Every time it damages, the damage amount is increased by 20% of its base value. The damage and mana steal amounts increases independantly of each other.
Mana Cost: 140/150/160/170
Cooldown: 14 seconds

3. Mana Shield

Creates a shield that absorbs 50% of the incoming damage by using Medusa's mana.
Level 1 - .75 damage per point of mana.
Level 2 - 1.25 damage per point of mana.
Level 3 - 1.5 damage per point of mana.
Level 4 - 2 damage per point of mana.
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Mana Shield only received half of the total damage to the block, the other half is part of of armor.

4. Stone Gaze

Any enemy units staring at the Gorgon will slowly turn to stone, removing status buffs and slowing all speed properties. Deals more damage to summoned units per level.
Level 1 - Slow attacks by a factor 2, stops movement. Deals 600 damage to illusions.
Level 2 - Slow attacks by a factor 3, stops movement. Deals 800 damage to illusions.
Level 3 - Slow attacks by a factor 5, stops movement. Deals 1000 damage to illusions.
Affects any units that have line of sight with at any period during 0.6 seconds after cast.
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 100